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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Logitech SetPoint WM_MOUSEHWHEEL bugs

Logitech's SetPoint mouse drivers have serious mistakes in their handling of horizontal scroll-wheel messages (WM_MOUSEHWHEEL).

The mistakes cause problems in many applications and I have personally wasted hours, if not days, battling them in my own code.

I share my findings to help other developers:


  1. I'm not a Logitech user, but those mistakes look like a big nuisance. Meanwhile Microsoft's IntelliType drivers gobble up my media key presses and hide them from foobar2000, which is something I need to look into fixing someday.

    Regarding your MSDN links: is there a problem with getting rid of the bracketed version number part from the end of the URL?
    e.g. ->

    I was under the impression that the version-less URL always serves the latest content. I hope all the MSDN links in my blog posts don't stop working one day.

  2. Not sure if removing the brackets helps (never seen guidance), but I've had non-bracketed MSDN links move or completely vanish as well. Maybe I should link to a Google "I'm feeling lucky" page with the first few paragraphs as the search query for the most reliable way to link to a Microsoft-run website. :)

    MS Intellitype does the right thing with media keys, at least in every version I've used. (I use MS keyboards myself. Logitech mice and MS keyboards.) The keys work well with Foobar2000, too, although that may be something extra I installed/configured in Foobar2000 and have since forgotten about.

  3. Actually I'm not entirely sure about what effect removing the brackets has. For example, this might change once .NET 4.5 is final, but displays information about .NET 4.0 - to get to the latest .NET 4.5 version, you need to include (v=vs.110): (and who knows if the Win32 documentation is treated differently).

    'I'm Feeling Lucky' might work, as long as it doesn't have the dreaded WinCE documentation as the first result :) I notice uses, but the results are often entirely irrelevant (so I just use Google).

    IntelliType 8.2 refuses to play nicely with foobar2000 for me. Windows Media Player receives the key presses, but they're invisible to foobar2000. Reassigning the multimedia keys to the 'disabled' option doesn't help. There are workarounds*, but they're slow and cumbersome. For now I'm avoiding using IntelliType, but it would be nice to be able to use my keyboard's macro keys and foobar2000 at the same time.