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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

PDF thumbnail fix - new version coming soon

A new, improved version of the PDF thumbnail fix for 64-bit machines is coming soon.

If you have any ideas or requests for the new version, including but not limited to PDF files but for other types as well, please let us know your ideas.

Keep an eye out for the new version in the next few weeks. When the original version was made, we did not expect it to be needed for such a long time. Since it is still needed, we have decided to overhaul things, and make improvements so that the fix works instantly on more people's systems.

Fixes for additional file types may also come, as will the option of support for anyone still having problems getting their thumbnails to work.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


ListPFRO is a small, command-line tool for Windows that lists which files are waiting to be moved, renamed or deleted at the next reboot.

It has been updated to check the second, rarely-used place in the registry where such files may be listed.

This may be the least interesting thing in the world. Aren't you glad you signed up to this RSS feed? :-)

More information, download and source code

Friday, 2 November 2012

Clear Icon Cache

Clear Icon Cache is a small tool for fixing problems with missing or incorrect icons shown on the desktop, taskbar, and so on caused by Windows incorrectly caching icons.

It has been updated so that it will restart Directory Opus (if you use it and it is running) in addition to Windows Explorer.

More information, download and source code

Monday, 27 August 2012

Turn On Cursor Shadows

New miscellaneous util: Turn On Cursor Shadows

(Not to be confused with the older and similar, but not identical, Turn On Window Shadows.)

Running TurnOnCursorShadows.exe has the same effect as going to Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Mouse -> Pointers and turning on Enable pointer shadow.

I wrote this little thing because 3D games keep turning off the pointer shadow when you run them and leave it off after you exit them. Presumably this was some kind of optimisation back in the days when hardware was so slow it would make the slightest difference, but I have no idea why it is still done today and why nobody has fixed the games (or GPU drivers or OS itself, whatever idiot thing is responsible :)) so it is put back when the game is exited or loses focus. Sigh.

Rather than go into the control panel every time I quit a game, I put this on my Directory Opus taskbar-style launcher toolbar to make the change in one click. It's on a button which also runs Turn On Window Shadows.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Logitech SetPoint WM_MOUSEHWHEEL bugs

Logitech's SetPoint mouse drivers have serious mistakes in their handling of horizontal scroll-wheel messages (WM_MOUSEHWHEEL).

The mistakes cause problems in many applications and I have personally wasted hours, if not days, battling them in my own code.

I share my findings to help other developers:

Friday, 23 December 2011

Windows 7 Explorer bug that silently aborts large file copies

Just stumbled on a pretty awful bug in Explorer.

Figured I'd make a quick page about it in case other people run into it.

It's easy to avoid, and also only triggered by doing something fairly unusual (for most users at least), but if you run into it you'll be unlikely to trust Explorer to copy a lot of data until you understand what triggers the problem and what to avoid doing in order to stay safe.

Full details and a video are on my main website.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Flash links updated for Flash 11

I have updated my page with direct links to the Flash updaters and version checker:

For Flash 11, the installers have moved on Adobe's site.

You still have to update Internet Explorer and Firefox separately.

They have finally (and four years late) introduced 64-bit versions into the mix. Now you can infect even more versions of your browsers with Flash!

They seem to have stopped trying to make people use their stupid download manager.

They have not stopped trying to trick people into installing extra bundled crap (McAfee or Google Toolbar, depending on browser). Strangely, the installer you get is identical, whether or not you opt out of said crap, except for the filename which seems to determine whether or not the extra stuff is installed. So don't rename the installers.

Here's how rubbish Adobe's update checker is: The Flash 11 installers are over a month old (from the digital signature timestamps), yet I didn't even know Flash 11 existed until someone emailed me (thanks, Cobaco/Bart!) to let me know my links were still pointing to Flash 10. This is even though I had three different computers with Flash 10 installed, presumably all wide open to known security holes that were fixed in the newer version. Brilliant. I wouldn't mind slow update notifications if Flash wasn't such a gaping malware vector, and if the notifications actually worked at some point and for all browsers instead of just a random one... Adobe's failure knows no boundaries.