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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Clipboard Owner Debug

ClipboardOwnerDebug is a tool for debugging problems with the Windows clipboard, specifically with apps that open the clipboard and do not close it in a timely manner so that you're unable to copy or paste anything.

The tool should be run from a command prompt, giving it an interval time (in milliseconds) to tell it how often to poll. It will then report changes to the clipboard and which apps it notices using the clipboard.

It is normal, especially if you set a very short interval time, to see reports of different programs using the clipboard for short periods of time (especially just after you change what's in it). There's only a problem if you see lots of "clipboard in use" lines in a row all mentioning the same exe, with no "clipboard not in use" lines in between.

The tool also periodically confirms that it can open the clipboard as well as which app last put data on the clipboard (if the data has an owner; simple text/bitmap data usually doesn't).

ClipboardOwnerDebug screenshot

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