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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

64-bit Adobe Reader fix updates

I have updated my page on the 64-bit Adobe Reader fixes as well as the preview handler fix tool:

The updates are in response to Adobe Reader 9.3.2 and Office 2010 RTM.

Adobe Reader 9.3.2:

Half a year after I published the information, Adobe finally incorporated the preview handler fix (but no thumbnails fix) into the Adobe Reader 9.3.2 (April 2010).

Note that at the time of writing you only get 9.3.0 when you download and install Adobe Reader; to get the latest version, which includes several vital security updates in addition to the x64 preview handler fix, you have to run its update checker after installation.

Also note that there is no mention of the x64 preview handler fix (nor any credit given to me, heh) in the change log. Credit goes to Alex Bantzhaff for noticing that 9.3.2 included the fix and for letting me know.

Maybe in 2011 Adobe will manage to fix the thumbnails as well; until then you can get a fix for them from my site. :-)

Office 2010 RTM

Office 2010 RTM fixes the problem that was in Office 2010 beta where the 64-bit version required some extra registry changes to make the Adobe Reader (and other) preview handler work.

The preview handler fix tool now has a checkbox so you can tell it whether or not you want the extra Office 2010 beta changes.

If you've upgraded to Office 2010 RTM then you can use the new fix tool to clean up the old, unwanted registry settings. (Such clean-up and repair tasks are the main reason that the preview handler fix tool still exists.)


No change in terms of the thumbnails. My current "Thumbridge" is still required and has not needed any changes since the February updates.


  1. Any chance you're working on a solution to fix the "no default mail client" issue in Adobe Acrobat on Office 2010 x64 installations?

  2. I don't have/use Adobe Acrobat so can't look at that.

  3. so is it an adobe problem with the thumbmails? See, many people complained about it, and it fell on deaf ears at adobe. They kept telling people it was a Window7/Vista problem.

    Thank you very much for the fix.

  4. It's definitely an Adobe problem.

    They seem to be giving similar excuses for Photoshop thumbnails not working, which is completely bogus as well. (Everyone else manages to get thumbnails to work, after all.)

  5. I thought I fix my Adobe Standard 9 software (preview pane) from an update on Adobe, yet I had to get a new computer just a few weeks ago. As a result installing software on this new system: Windows 7 64bit. I am not certian where the update is to install. I thought I found it, yet I get a message of: The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service becasue the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded ixists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch. Any thoughts for the 2011 fix??

  6. My fix is for Adobe Reader, not Adobe Acrobat.